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Webflix is a broadcasting platform where a wide range of web content, in particular, web series, can be uploaded and offers an entirely new service that connects broadcasting platforms and users, powered by blockchain technology. 

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The emergence of a snack culture has created a demand for stories suitable for the new format of web dramas, but limited appropriate services are available. Besides, creators with novel ideas and stories are restricted in their creation activities due to limitations of the production environment such as lack of funding. Webflix presents ways to maximize user satisfaction, improve the production environment for producers, and protect creators' rights by addressing copyright issues through blockchain technology.

User Effects
Webflix Power

Webflix compensates users' viewing and activities with Webflix Power, while users can express their preferences and influences more actively and directly via their status on the Webflix Platform as reflected by their Webflix Power. This system encourages users to become more active participants on the platform by rewarding them for their activity with more influence within the platform.

We link users for
Active Creation

Webflix proposes a method of direct user investment which connects creators, consumers and producers, vitalizing the fundamental creation process of web dramas. In turn, users discover high-quality content with creative narratives and structures and escalate them into competitive cultural products, based on which Webflix will continue to grow.

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K-culture and stars.

As for global expansion of demand for Korean dramas, Webflix's own production method and structure enable production of content which features cultures and entertainers which global users want to see. Thus, the Korean drama market can be expanded through web dramas and global users can enjoy content featuring more widely diversified cultures and lifestyles and creative subject matter and narratives.  


  • 2015

  • 1Q Web dramaFalling for Challenges

    Passed 50 million hits in total for the first time in Korea

    2Q Girls' Day Directed Girls' Day's music video for "Ring my bell" 

    4Q Turbo Directed Turbo's music video "Again"

    4Qweb dramaProduced web drama Missing Korea Aired on KBS 2TV

    4Q Selected as No.1 Best Music Video by Web TV's Asia Awards

  • 2016

  • 1Q Web dramaChoco BankWeb drama Choco Bank selected as No.1 for Naver Distribution support work 

    1Q Directed Momoland's music video "Jjan! Koong! Kwang!" 

  • 2017

  • 1Q Directed Momoland's music video "Bboom Bboom"

    3Q Directed G-Dragon's music video "Bullshit"

    3Q Directed Sechskies' music video "Sad Song"

  • 2018

  • 1Q Planned the establishment of BODA TV. Discovered creators and influencers and secured various content

    2Q WEBFLIX Established WEBFLIX. Initiated a strategic planning process. 

    4Q Initiated the development of WEBFLIX, a blockchain technology based broadcasting platform for web dramas and web content 

  • 2019

  • 1QPublished the White paper

    To be listed on the stock market

    To hold a press conference for a web drama (scheduled)

    2QTo start BODA TV broadcasting service 

    2QTo conduct marketing campaigns for web dramas and web content in the Asia-Pacific region

    4Q WEBFLIXTo release Beta service of WEBFLIX platform  

  • 2020

  • 1Q WEBFLIX To launch WEBFLIX platform

Token Economy

  • 5.0%

    Token Sale


    and Team



  • Webflix Token or WFX is a cryptocurrency that ties Webflix platform to blockchain technology. It can be exchanged at the cryptocurrency exchange and used to trade, pay, invest and support content in pipeline on Webflix platform. 

    The total number of the tokens will be 27 billion. 33.3% of the Tokens will be allocated to the participants in the 'Token Generation Event,' 10% to the partners contributing to vitalizing the ecosystem, 15% to WebFlix Foundation and the Team who are contributing most to the development and operation of the ecosystem, 5% for the community and marketing, and 31.7% for compensating early contributing producers and reserves. The Tokens for WebFlix Foundation and the Team and for partners will have lock-up periods of three years and one year respectively.


  • Kong Kyung-su


    Gong has been working in the IT industry for 2 decades, participating in a variety of program development projects, and has extensive know-how in software development.He founded FlowerChain in 1988, the first Korean company to use phone words for marketing, for which he established an online delivery service system across the country, and E-Pay System in 2002 where he developed a pre-paid card that could be topped up online/offline or via bank transfer. Also, he founded 3K Networks, developed games and built and developed a secure peer-to-peer escrow payment system. In 2018, he was involved in setting up the BSPMP (Blockchain Strategy Professional Management Program) at College of Informatics of Korea University.Now, he is the CEO of Webflix Foundation.

  • Lee Seong-gwon

    Media Planning Manager

    Having founded Plus Media Entertainment, Lee has produced soundtracks for numerous Korean and international dramas and movies for 13 years,creating over 1,000 tracks of music for dramas.The company has grown into one of the best soundtrack producers and entertainment companies in Korea.
    Feast of the Gods (MBC), Love Rides the Song (KBS), Cheongdam-dong Scandal (SBS), A Poem A Day (TvN), Ruler: Master of the Mask (MBC), My Only One (KBS), Hymn of Death (SBS)

  • Kim Jong-wan

    Media Production Manager

    Founder and CEO of Likethat Production / music video director. Kim is the best music video director in Korea who has created over 100 music videos. He is also a founder of BODA TV, a subsidiary of Likethat Production and carries out a variety of media projects as well as discovers promising content creators and influencers.
    "Tears" - LeeSSang, "Again" - Turbo, "Ring my bell" - Girl's Day, "Bull Shit" - G-Dragon, "Bboom Bboom" - Momoland, "BAAM" – Momoland

  • Cho Sung-Jin

    Major Record

    1999Y Awarded in SBS Music Award/ MBC, KNS, SBS Music Award, Selected As The Best Hits Composer after 500 years in Seoul, Namsan Time Capsure Recorded(Jo Sung Jin, Kim Chang Hwan, Yu Yung Jin), MTV Vietnam Awards 2011, M-Net Asian Music Awards Best Asian Artist, MTV EMA Best South-East Asian Artist, WMA Best Female Artist(My Tam-Vietnam Artist)-Produced , WMA "Bestseller Artist In All Major Region" , M-NET Asian Music Award MAMA in Hong Kong, Billboard World Chart Top 10 Entry (My Tam) -Produced

  • Yoon Sang-seok

    Web Series Production Manager

    Yoon used to work for Cheil Worldwide and oversaw the production of Race of the Sun as well as all marketing efforts for Lovers in Paris.He is a founder/CEO of  Elicon Film, a production company specializing in creating web series, such as Choco Bank in 2016 and Missing Korea and Falling for Challenge in 2015 along with many other best Korean web series. 
    Missing Korea, Falling for Challenge and Choco Bank

  • Gwon Yong-su

    Video Director

    Filmography: "The dawn" – Hwanhee, "Please, Stop Me" – Park, Boram, "Serenade" – Jeon Woo Sung of Noel, "A Parting Day" – Jin Woon, "Lonely Night" – KNK, a teaser for "PNM (Plus And Minus)" – Penomeco, a teaser for "Let me taste your chocolate flavoured lips" – MC Mong, a teaser for "Ddang" – Suran 

  • Kim Gyeong-beom

    The best K-Pop producer

    He has produced for many high-profile artists including Paul Potts, Steelheart, Hyorin, Byun Jin-sub, Kim Wan-sun, Jin Woon, Jo Sung-mo, So Hyang, OH MY GIRL, T-ara's Jiyeon, Cosmic Girls' Soobin, Dal Shabet's Serri, Glass box's Lee Se-jun, Nine Muses' Keum-jo, A Bicycle Ride, V.O.S's Kim Kyung-rok, Song Ha-ye, Byul, Lee Soo-young, Hur Kong, Norazo, Bolbbalgan4, Ulala Session, Uhm Jung-hwa, Eru, Park Wan-kyu, Ali and Suji.

  • Kim Ji-hwan


    He has produced for many high-profile trot artists including Hong Jin-young, Jang Yun-jeong, Park Hyun-bin, Wink, Jo Hang-jo, Shin Yu, Han Hye-jin, Geum Jan-di, Song Dae-kwan, Jin-sung, Kim Youn-im, Oh Jung-tae, Park, Ju-hui, Gong Na-ri, Jung Hae-jin, Ryu Won-jung, Jina Yoo, Choi Jin-hee and Park Kang-sung.

  • Yoon Sang-cheol

    Executive Engineer

    He has worked with/for Girl's Day, Akdong Musician, BIGBANG's Seungri, Soyou, Deulgukhwa, Kim Kwang-seok, DJ DOC, COOL, RAIN, Koyote, Kim Gun-mo, The One, Jo Sung-mo, BMK, PSY, Kim Bum-soo, Yoo Hea-jun and KBS's Immortal Songs, BIGBANG's ALIVE TOUR IN SEOUL, RAIN's Asia Tour and Japan Love Tour, Cool's 20th Anniversary Tour (in 8 cities), Kin Jun-su Gala Show, Son Yeon-jae Gala Show, Brown Eyed Girls, Chinese version of the reality show I Am a Singer, Korean Wave K-POP Concerts along with many others.

  • Jo Jae-yun

    Content Production Manager

    Founder of BadbossCompany (founded in 2003) and publisher/CEO of Asia Big News.CEO of Badbosstelevi and People and Culture, a non-profit organization.Head of Bossboss Training Center, a production company that plans and creates web dramas, music and video content and organizes performances and concerts.He is the CEO of the artist management company for global superstars including Paul Potts and Steelheart. He also appeared on Naver TV and other TV shows such as What Solders Read and a OBS variety show.


  • Kim Min-jong

    Actor and singer

    Executive of SM Entertainment.Filmography: A Gentleman's Dignity, Mrs. Cop, A Man Called God, ATHENA : Goddess of War, Moon River(The Return of Il Ji-Mae). Awards: SBS Drama Awards – Special Acting Award for Actor in a Weekend/Serial Drama, SBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Award, SBS Drama Awards – Best Actor Award in Drama Specials, SBS Drama Awards – Big Star Awards.

  • Jung Chan-woo

    Comedian and singer

    Filmography: Hello Counselor and Cultwo Show. Awards: Minister's award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ambassador for Sejong City Smart School, Ambassador for Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries(MIFAFF) to promote rice consumption, Ambassador for Guro-gu, Seoul.

  • Shin Tae-yong

    Soccer coach and sports commentator

    Former coach of South Korean national football team. Former coach of South Korea U-20 team.Former coach of the South Korea national football team for the 31st Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.Former coach of Seongnam Football Club and Currently soccer commentator for JTBC .

  • Jeon Chang-yeop

    Director and record producer 

    Soundtrack: My Love From the Star, The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, Painter of the Wind, Deep-rooted Tree, Brilliant Legacy, Dr. Romantic, Will It Snow For Christmas?, I Have a Lover and 40 more.

  • Choi Cheol-ho

    Director and record producer

    Soundtrack: My Only One, Good Doctor, Marry Me, Mary, Wonderful Days, Dear Heaven, Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho, The Slave Hunters, Famous Seven Princesses, Country Diary, and 110 more.

  • Na Sang-cheon

    Founder of Maru Performing Art School

    PR Team Manager of Doremi Media (home of artists including Jessi, Girl Friends and Drunken Tiger).Executive of DreamT Entertainment (home of artists including Girl's Day, MC Mong, Ji Hyun-woo, Kim Min-joon and Hong Soo-ah).Non-executive Advertising Director of MLD Entertainment (home of Momoland).Founded NSC Company (home of artists including Jin Woon, Hickee, Kyung Da-som, Lim Jae-hyun, FR:EDEN, BOiTELLO and Nana Mellie).

  • Song Song-yub

    Professor and chairman of a foundation

    Former Standing Member of National Unification Advisory Council.Researcher at Global Crypto Asset Assessment and Analysis Center.Chairman of the board at Baekjoon Hospital Foundation.Professor at BSPMP (Blockchain Strategy Professional Management Program) of College of Informatics, Korea University.

  • Kim Ji-hwan

    Entertainment Director

    Former Production Executive at Pan Entertainment. CEO of Sella Entertainment (Studio).Senior Vice President of Korea Music Copyright Association.Soundtrack: Winter Sonata, Children of Heaven, Solitude, Star in My Heart, Walking to Heaven, Jealousy, Beautiful Days, Stained Glass, and 50 more. 

  • Cheong Hee Chan


    For over 20 years, in the business of shopping mall solution, and have built more than 20,000 shopping malls in various fields of large enterprises and small businesses. For more than 10 years, we also carried out many exchanges and projects with leading Chinese e-commerce companies such as Baidu Korean Hall, Taobao Korean Hall, Alipay Joint Seminar, Jingdong Korean Hall and CCTV Korean Hall. global founder, and is leading the company in its overall design and planning for WAVAYO.

  • Kim Han Gon

    Advisor, KOCCA

    Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
    Cheong Wa Dae Administrator
    Deputy Director of the Korea Creative Content Agenc
    Director of Gyeongbuk Content Agency
    Audit of the Agency for the Promotion of International Cultural Exchange
    Special Professor of Sungkyol University
    Secretary-General of the Korean Federation of Popular Culture and Arts

  • Hong Jong Hyun

    Advisor, VC

    Advisor to M&A of the Small and Medium Business Promotion Corporation.
    Evaluation Committee for Technology Commercialization under the Ministry of Science and Technology
    "SBA" Assessment Committee
    CEO of Dream Technology Investment Co., Ltd.


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